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95 days left until FOOTBALL

May 18, 2015 6:40 PM | Bill Franz

All, You know how we count down the number of shopping days before Christmas? Well guess what, there are ONLY 95 days left before the first week of football.  If you have not started your conditioning program, NOW is the time. DO NOT WAIT. Remember, every year, the players are 17 & 18 years old. And, YOU ARE A YEAR OLDER!!! Start to get in shape.

And, while you are in football mode, get out those 2014 rule books. Take 30 minutes a day to study the rules. I recommend working through the case book. Read for 30 minutes while you are at lunch. 

Remember, only 95 days left!!!


  • July 01, 2015 9:12 AM | Don Meyer
    To our younger/newer officials, make an effort to work the summer scrimmages and camps with veterans. Also, work scrimmages prior to the season whenever you can. The best way to get on a Friday night crew is to have crew members, especially the referee see you in action. Some tips; listen to the veterans. If you don't take their advice, as least in my view, you have less of a chance of getting picked-up. Ask questions. Always happy to help. Get a mentor. If you are open on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon during the season, go to a game with a crew. Sit in the locker room during the pregame. Watch on the field. Go out with the crew after the game and ask questions but listen, listen, listen. You can learn as much about officiating sitting in a pub having a cold one and eating a sandwich as you can working on the field. All new/young officials are welcome to come to a game with our crew during the year. You will have a good time also. Just give me a call.
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