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3-For-1 Rule of the Day

February 13, 2017 8:19 AM | Deleted user

Rule of the Day - 3-for-1 - dave f

It is a long season - keep up the focus, most games now are conference games, and take time-out to take care of your body. Here are a couple of Misc RODs

Defensive Deflection

Play: B1 deflects the bal' away from A1, who is dribbling in the front-court. The ball is rolling toward the backcourt and is picked up by A2, who is straddling the division line. A backcourt violation is ruled.

Ruling: In NFHS, a backcourt violation is correct. Even though the defender deflected the ball, backcourt status was never achieved. A2 is the first to touch the ball in the backcourt with team A having last been in team control in the front-court. The ball gains backcourt status when it touches a player in the backcourt after having last been touched by a team B player (NFHS 9-9-1).

Airborne Deflection

Play: B1 deflects the ball away from dribbling A1 in team A’s front-court toward the backcourt. In the backcourt A2 catches the ball prior to it touching the floor.

Ruling: In NFHS, this is a backcourt violation. Frontcourt status remains until the ball touches the backcourt or out of bounds. It would be legal, had A2 allowed the ball to contact the backcourt and then caught the ball. In NCAA, the play is legal since the ball was last touched by team B in the frontcourt (NFHS 4-4-1, 4-4-3, 4-12-3, 9-9-1).

From One or Both Knees

Play: After catching a pass from A2, A1 is on both knees and A1 lifts the left knee then places the left foot on the floor while the right knee remains on the floor. A1 does not make any attempt to stand up. A traveling violation is ruled. 

Ruling: A traveling violation is correct. When a player picks up one of their knees and places that foot on the court, the player by rule has attempted to stand up and therefore has committed a traveling violation (NFHS 4-44,4.44.5)

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