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What We Do

SLOA believes that basketball officiating is a vocation that requires on-going training and professional development. With that, we hold regular basketball meetings and distribute multi-media information to keep our membership sharp and up to date in all areas of Rules, Mechanics, and all other requirements to be the best officials.

For newer officials, we offer our ODP Classes to train you to become a Basketball Official and help you get started quickly!

Basketball ODP

What Are the Benefits of ODP

The Basketball ODP is an annual "In-season" program designed to develop the skills to help newer officials move up the Basketball Officiating ladder.

Program and Curriculum is designed with the newer official (1 to 3 years) in mind.

BODP has classroom instruction with a defined curriculum taught by State Championship caliber officials.

BODP Mentor program utilizes experienced SLOA officials for one on one training and critique.

BODP participants are introduced to area assigners for games. We will advise the assigners that you have joined the BODP program and that if he/she needs to fill vacancies that occur during the season and YEAR ROUND, that they consider using BODP participants. Assigners need Basketball officials now!

There are many other program benefits, but the bottom line is the BODP program is designed to help you achieve your officiating goals. With that, we are committed to getting you ready to officiate at any level and help improve your skills.

There is a small charge ($15) to join the BOPD program. 

SLOA Membership is required to enroll!

Still Have Questions? 

Contact our BODP Coordinators; Marc Langhauser & Mike Nolan

Marc Langhauser

Email: langfs1@yahoo.com -or- Cell: (314) 608-7909

Mike Nolan

Email: mnolanref@gmail.com -or- Cell: (314) 540-6301

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