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Rule of the Day - 3 seconds

December 13, 2017 6:30 AM | Deleted user

PLAY A A1 rebounds the ball off Team B’s backboard. A2 is in Team A’s three-second restricted area when the rebound occurs and A2 remains there while A1 is dribbling in Team A’s backcourt. Three seconds expire without the ball being in the frontcourt of Team A. 

  • RULING: This is not a violation. The three-­second lane restriction is not in effect until Team A is in control of the ball in Team A’s front-court.

PLAY BA1 is standing with one foot inside and the other outside the three-second restricted area. A1 lifts the foot “from the restricted area and returns it there without touching it first to the nonrestricted area". 

  • RULING: Violation. This action does not terminate the three-second count. The count goes on since ­merely lifting the foot from the restricted space is interpreted as an attempt to evade the rule and avoid its purpose. However, there is no three-second count during rebounding action or during a throw-in. The count on a player in the restricted area is suspended when that player begins a try for goal.

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