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ROD - Spot Throw-in, dave f

December 28, 2017 5:41 AM | Deleted user


PLAY A: A1 is out of bounds for a designated-spot throw-in. The administering official has designated the spot and put the ball at A1’s disposal. In order to avoid some of the defensive pressure near the throw-in spot, A1 takes several steps (a) directly backward, but keeps one foot on or over the designated area prior to releasing the ball on a throw-in pass; or (b) to the left or right. 

RULING: In (a), legal throw-in. It is permissible for the thrower to move backward or forward within the 3-foot-wide designated area without violating. In (b), A1 may move laterally if at least one foot is kept on or over the designated area until the ball is released, if not, a violation has occurred. The thrower may also jump vertically and pass from the designated throw-in spot. COMMENT: Pivot-foot restrictions and the traveling rule are not in effect for a throw-in. The thrower must keep one foot on or over the spot until the ball is released.

PLAY B: A1, out of bounds for a designated spot throw-in: (a) muffs the pass from the official and it rolls forward; or (b) after receiving the ball from the official, fumbles the ball and leaves the designated spot to retrieve the fumble. 

RULING: In (a), the official should sound the whistle to prevent any violations and then start the throw-in procedure again. No throw-in violation should be called in this situation. In (b), a throw-in violation shall be called on A1 for leaving the designated spot.

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